Building A Pergola – Great for Your Property and Your Family


Make the most use of the beautiful Australian sun with this fun, simple project. A freestanding pergola is a great addition to your home – not only does it look fantastic by itself and add sophistication to a backyard, but it can be further improved by utilising a bit of gardening know-how. Training woody vines such as colourful bougainvilleas or wisteria (more suited to southern climates) will enhance any space and will form a perfect centrepiece for backyard parties or barbecues.

Learning how to build a freestanding pergola is a great project for both hobbyists new to the craft and professionals in other fields wanting to broaden their skills. Take a look below for some handy tips that’ll put you on the right path.

How to build a freestanding pergola


More important here than when building a deck, pergolas frequently run afoul of council regulations that mean plans have to be changed and existing structures altered or even removed. Double check with your local government to find out if there are any rules around constructing a structure of this nature, and get all the information you can before breaking ground.

When building your pergola, ensure that the posts are properly spaced. Too far and the roof is likely to sag, looking not just unsightly but outright dangerous. Before placing and concreting posts ensure that you have your spacing correct and the roof will not be overly large. Check with an expert if at all unsure. Additionally, ensure that screws are not overtightened. This can damage or destroy the rubber washer, ruining the watertight seal on your roof.

Get the tools and step by step guides


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how to build a freestanding pergola

Step by step guide for building a pergola