Learn To Build A Steel or Wooden Fence


Protect your property and do it in style. The right kind of well-built fence can add a whole extra dimension to your home’s exterior, and the material you choose will inform not only the final aesthetic of your property but your maintenance duties too.

If you’re looking to learn how to build a timber or Colorbond fence, CLICKnBUILD can help. These are both great investments in your home – a new fence can mean a difference of thousands of dollars at auction.
Your choice will be informed by your property’s terrain, your design and your budget, but whichever way you choose to go our team can help you get the best value for your money possible. Whether you want the timeless look of a quality white picket fence or are looking for the modern Australian aesthetic of a Colorbond fence, we have the info you need.

Tips and advice for the best Colorbond or timber picket fence


Depending on your location, different councils may have safety requirements for new fences. If you live in a cyclone or tropical storm-prone area, you may be required to sink the posts further to prevent them becoming airborne in high winds. Check with your local government beforehand to ensure you’re in line with current rules, also don’t forget to check suppliers’ websites for recommended installation steps.

When people imagine a fence in their minds, they generally imagine a timber picket fence with two rails. In many cases, this is far from sufficient. The longest-lasting wooden fences generally use three rails. This helps to ensure that each piece of timber is firmly attached.

For Colorbond fences it’s critically important that the first sheet you install is at perfect right angles to the rails. Any discrepancy will be magnified as you extend the fence. Use a spirit level to ensure that the top rail is perfectly level before screwing down onto the Colorbond panels to save yourself a headache later. 

The supplies and know-how to help you succeed


CLICKnBUILD is a revolutionary community putting regular Australian hobbyists and experienced tradies in direct contact with passionate, friendly suppliers across the country.

We believe that local business owners providing high-quality equipment should be supported and given a way to reach a wider audience. Professional and amateur builders have the chance to get some of the best supplies – including quality timber – and tools in the country at reasonable prices. Merchants and suppliers who might not have had access to such a broad audience have a chance to expand their commercial and private client base by signing up with us.

Our website also has a wealth of information and guides on how to build and design for common DIY projects like picketed wooden fences and pergolas.

Whether you’re a tradie or DIY handyman, you can use our store locator to find your local hardware store. Get the tools, find the supplies and learn how to build everything you ever wanted with CLICKnBUILD!

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