Pave your outdoor area and help the environment

Pave your outdoor area and help the environment
Posted: Nov 18, 2015
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Recycled Rubber Paver System


AZEK Pavers utilises recycled car tyres and plastics to create a stain, impact and scratch-resistant paver whilst being quick and easy to install. The paver’s method of installation allows them to fit quickly and neatly into an interlocking grid. The profiles offered are a standard landscape paver, permeable landscape paver or resurfacing paver. AZEK Pavers are perfect for patios, walkways, pool areas, rooftops, and decks for either residential or commercial applications. Standard or permeable pavers work well for driveways as they stand up to vehicular traffic. The resurfacing paver is designed for foot traffic and this includes a slanted transition paver to act as a mini ramp to allow easy transfer from the paver height down to the level of the ground, substructure or walkway to improve accessibility.

Installation of AZEK Pavers is easy with the innovative interlocking grid system and at less than half the weight of traditional pavers, AZEK Pavers install up to three times faster than other pavers. The 405 x 405mm grid ensures straight lines and assists with a level layout. Considering the pavers are cut using a regular circular saw or jigsaw with timber blades, a masonry saw is never needed. Add these factors up to greatly reduce the installation time and labour costs. Available in three natural colours – Boardwalk, Redwood and Waterwheel.

Manufactured from up to 95 per cent post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics, AZEK Pavers are a true green building solution. Since 2008, AZEK Pavers have diverted millions of kilograms of rubber and plastics from landfills – utilising over one million scrap tyres and 34 million plastic containers. And, like all AZEK and TimberTech decking products, they are engineered to last, featuring a lifetime nocrack guarantee for residential installations.

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