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Whether you’re a keen amateur looking to beautify their home or an experienced professional wanting to get the best for your clients, you have come to the right place. CLICKnBUILD is an innovative community connecting passionate builders and home-improvers with experienced and respected wholesale equipment, materials and timber distributors and suppliers.

Our community gives independent hardware stores a way to reach larger and wider audiences across the country. Tradespeople and hobbyists can now buy Australian timber online from the people who know it best. Our goal is to give everyone the chance to get high-quality materials from reputable and forward-thinking wholesale timber, tools and building supplies distributors.

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CLICKnBUILD also offers a selection of guides, how-tos and tips-and-tricks articles to help you use our suppliers’ products to their full potential. Whether you want to learn how to build a pergola (either free standing or attached to a house) or a retaining wall, we have you covered with easy to follow articles written in plain English. Other helpful articles include steps on how to build a fence and how to build a timber deck.

Our community is devoted to providing a comprehensive service to the hobbyists and professionals of Australia. Buy in confidence through our website and know you’re doing a good thing for Australian distributors and business owners. Support the people who care the most about your hobby or profession with CLICKnBUILD.

Buy timber online direct from local Australian experts, and get the tools the pros use from friendly, knowledgeable hardware suppliers. With one of the widest ranges and biggest online networks in the country, you can rely on CLICKnBUILD to help you get the materials you need to succeed in your next project.

Use our store finder to locate your nearest stockist and start ordering today. With locations across Australia you're bound to find an affordable, local hardware store. These shops are great because they not only provide you with the raw materials you need, they can provide you with a knowledgeable team who can guide you and help you resolve issues. What’s better is all CLICKnBUILD members provide their ranges directly to you 24/7 through their online stores, so you can shop any time day or night!

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